Hi, welcome to the Money Advice Community website. This site is intended to be a resource for the wider money advice community in Scotland.

In time, we hope to build up a valuable resource that money advisers in the free sector will be able to access and contribute to, including submitting articles and other material which can then be shared with other advisers around the country.

We also hope advisers will contribute to the forums once they have logged in.

To launch the site over the next few months we will be running a number of discussion specials focusing on the Accountant in Bankruptcy’s Consultation on Bankruptcy Law Reform. Hopefully, these will stimulate debate and discussion and provide advisers with a forum within which they can discuss the proposals in more detail.

We are also hoping to run a discussion day on the consultation in the next few months which hopefully you can attend.

We sincerely hope you enjoy our website.

Alan and Danna.